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What’s going on? Not much here. Good conversation. You’re a good listener. I like that.

So my name is Lanny Farmer. I’m 23 years young and I enjoy creative writing and coming up with material that I think reader’s will enjoy. This blog is at times random, but it’s general purpose is to bring a smile to someone’s face when they are having a bad day.

Do you love music? Me too! That’s why every week I post a new music video from some of my favorite artists. If you have any suggestions, please let me know about them and I’ll post the artist and a link to your blog to thank you for your contribution.

This blog is also used as an outlet for me to explore humorous topics. Most topics are random but I enjoy writing about movies, television, health, news stories and more. So look around, leave some comments and all that other good stuff.

-Lanny Farmer


One thought on “About

  1. Torrey Duncan on said:

    Love your blogs about teen pregnancy and documentaries! I’m gonna have to check out the documentary about the jesus freaks. BTW, you gay lanny 🙂

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