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3 Things I Learned From Sports

I haven’t played a team sport in a few years. However, I can still remember the “good ole days” playing basketball and tennis in high school. Looking back on those experiences, I’ve discovered that there are 3 things that sports taught me.

3. If you play a sport that doesn’t matter, you don’t matter– I think some people deny that student athletes get special treatment, but it does happen. If you’re not getting special treatment, then you’re playing the wrong sport.

When I was a sophomore in high school, I switched schools and the only sport I played was tennis. Needless to say, no one cares about tennis.

Basically, unless you played basketball or football, you were still considered a nobody in the eyes of your peers. For instance, every time we had a pep rally, the only two sports that were celebrated were basketball and football. However, one time, the tennis team was recognized because we had made it into a big tournament. We were welcomed with little to no applause and you could subtlety hear the question, “We have a tennis team?” being mumbled.

confused student

Tennis…is that like water polo or something?

So basically, here is my advice. If you’re looking to be popular, have tons of friends and have the admiration of your peers and teachers, I recommend you play a well-loved sport and get really good at it. And no, golf doesn’t count.

2. It’s not about winning, it’s about having fun- This is the biggest lie that I have ever heard. For years, I heard this over and over and over. But yet for some reason, I never really believed any coach that said this.

When I played basketball in middle and high school, I had numerous coaches tell me this before a game. But guess what? Once half time came around and we were down by 20 points, the coach was yelling and telling us how if we didn’t win, we were going to be running our asses off at the next practice.

But what if we were having fun playing the game? Sure, we were losing, but what if we were okay with that because we just loved the game? All of sudden that “having fun” part went out the window.

“It’s not about winning, it’s about having fun. But winning is the only way to have fun! So get out there and win!” I feel that’s the better expression.

angry coach

“Now you get out there and start having fun!” Yelled no coach ever.

So the next time you’re playing a sport and having a good time with some friends, look up at the scoreboard. If you’re down by a few points, it’s time to step up and start having more fun. And if you’re a coach, then you scream and yell at those little punks until they start crying tears of fun! Because that’s what all the great coaches do, right?

1. It’s okay to cheat to get to the top, just don’t get caught– This wasn’t a lesson I really learned by playing sports. This was a lesson I learned by watching sports. In the world we live, sports are so important that people are willing to lie, cheat, steal, murder and take all kinds of drugs to reach their full potential and get on top.

These same athletes are considered role models and tell our kids that if you work hard, say your prayers and eat your vegetables, you can be successful too.

One scandal we can look at in recent news is Lance Armstrong. This is a story of a man willing to do anything to be number one and reach the top. So was he sorry that he cheated, or was he sorry that he got caught cheating?

It’s baffling to me that some athletes are willing to cheat to obtain their goals and be number one. But what happens when all of your hard work adds up to nothing because you cheated and cut corners to get there?

And if a majority of pro athletes are taking performance enhancing drugs to get there, what kind of message is that sending to the youth? It’s telling them that it’s okay to cheat, just don’t get caught.

But I also think sports drive people to cheat. Think about it. Let’s say you really loved football and you were a pretty good player. You did well in high school and even had a few colleges look at you. Then, all of a sudden, some coaches tell you that you need to work on building mass and strength. Sure you could hit the gym and work hard, but when every pro athlete and their mother is taking steroids, perhaps it would be tempting and easier to give yourself a little boost.

And if everyone else is doing it, it must be okay right? And let’s say you don’t have enough time to get bigger. Are you willing to kiss those scholarships goodbye? Man, life has some tough decisions.

But that’s what sports are there for right? To separate the strong from the weak. If you can’t get bigger, maybe little Timmy down the street can.

kid flexing

Good Lord, Timmy got swole!

Hell, even Buggs Bunny and the rest of the gang took performance enhancing drugs in Space Jam!

Makes me sick!

Don’t get me wrong though, I really enjoyed playing sports. Why? Because I had fun. I was just there to hang out with friends and have a good time. And I think we’ve lost sight of that. Sports are suppose to be fun. So ignore all the people who take it too seriously and let your coaches get upset if they want. Just don’t take anything they say personally and remember that it’s a game and games are suppose to be fun! So get out there and enjoy yourself! Unless it’s dodgeball. That’s war, not a game.

Space Jam

And yes, Space Jam is the greatest sports movie of all time.


Music Video of the Week- The Rocket Summer

Whenever I’m feeling kind of down and out, there is always one band I can count on to put me in a good mood and that’s The Rocket Summer. Not only is it great music, but I also have a lot of respect for the man behind it all, Bryce Avary.

The Rocket Summer

Bryce Avary from The Rocket Summer.

The Rocket Summer is a solo project started by Bryce Avery. He plays multiple instruments, writes and produces every song that is on his albums. He’s creative and always has a positive message within his songs, which is refreshing.

He has released 5 studio albums along with several EPs. This week’s video is from his latest album, Life Will Write The Words. The song is called 200,000 and is one of my favorite songs he has done. This video is also cool because you get to see Bryce play all kinds of instruments and see just how talented he really is.

Check it out.

Do you know of any artists similar to The Rocket Summer? If so, tell me about them in the comments.

Music Video of the Week- Rooney

This week, I’ve chosen a band that I’ve liked for a few years now. Named after the principal from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, (Ed Rooney) the band, Rooney is this week’s pick.



The cool thing about this band is there sound. I really enjoy there British invasion rock type feel. With their shag haircuts, catchy melodies and rocking guitars, this is one band you should definitely check out.

The video I have chosen is called, I’m Shakin’, off of their first album. Enjoy!

If you know of any other bands that are similar to this one, let me know about them in the comments!

Rednecks: The New TV Trend

The world of entertainment has followed some odd trends over the years. I remember when reality TV was just starting out and it grew very popular. The first reality show that I can recall was Cops. Which is ironic because most “reality celebrities” end up in prison.

But in the last few years or so, we’ve seen an even more bizarre phenomenon taking place. Our homes are now filled with redneck stars that have somehow gained fame.

The wonderful world of reality TV has brought us gems such as Duck Dynasty, Moonshiners, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, and the newest addition, Buckwild.

I personally thought once we all got past Jersey Shore, it would be really difficult to replace their interesting and almost disturbing lifestyle. But once again, I was wrong.

Jersey Shore cast

We scraped the bottom of the barrel for these clowns and discovered that the barrel was deeper than we thought.

Now the world of reality TV has produced a new trend that has created conversations and clever status updates on Facebook and Twitter. A lot of them have been from yours truly. We have stumbled into the world of the redneck.

The first show that began to display this lifestyle was Duck Dynasty. I have no problem with this show and I know a lot of people who enjoy it. I think it’s hilarious that these guys started a business of making duck callers and ended up turning it into a million dollar empire.

But then, there are shows like Honey Boo Boo and Buckwild. And these people are just idiots.

First of all, Honey Boo Boo really bothers me. This girl has been raised in the world of beauty pageants where everything is fake and the girls are shallower that the kiddie pool in my front yard.

kiddie pool

Ladies, the water is fine.

And what’s even worse about this show is that it is on The Learning Channel. You know where you are suppose to learn stuff? If Honey Boo Boo is on The Learning Channel that technically makes her a teacher. And technically, that makes us stupid.

Now, let’s talk about Buckwild. Sweet Lord.

First of all, if you are speaking the English language, and you need subtitles so the viewers can understand you, then there is a problem.

Second, why in the world was this show even made? We are glorifying people who do stupid things, get in fights, drink all the time, and have no decency. But guess what? I’m just as guilty because I watch every episode and I will continue because it makes me laugh. I’m part of the problem.

Somehow, MTV looked into my mind and the majority of people my age and found that we all have one thing in common; we love to watch stupid people do stupid things.

I’m not sure what’s so addicting about these programs. Maybe after I see a few episodes, it helps me to feel better about myself and my life. Sure I got a flat tire, my dog peed on the carpet and I got stuck in traffic, but at least no one recorded me eating boogers or drinking so much beer that I ran around the town in my underwear. So it’s still a good day.

What do you think of these reality TV shows? Tell me your opinion in the comments.

Music Video of the Week- Macklemore

I don’t listen to a lot of rap music. Every now and then there is a song from the genre that I will enjoy. So, this week, I’ve surprised myself by picking an indie rapper by the name of Macklemore.



This guy released his first studio album back in October of 2012. I’m pretty sure that I’m a little late jumping on the bandwagon since his music video, Thrift Shop, has been viewed about 50 million times.

Here’s the video for Thrift Shop and I hope you enjoy it as much as I have. Good luck getting it out of your head.

Do you know of any artists similar to this one that I should know about? If so, tell me about them in the comments section.

3 Best Television Doctors of All Time

Television shows about doctors have always been pretty popular. Not only are they entertaining, but they also make it seem like being a doctor is a cool profession. What could be better than solving medical mysteries and making big money?

Now everyone thinks they can be a medical practitioner. However, learning how to be a doctor from television is a lot like learning proper fighting technique from wrestling. Both are extremely fake and you’re either going to your hurt yourself or someone else in the process.

the wrestler, Bret Hart

To prove my point, here’s an unnecessary picture of Bret “The Hitman” Hart.

I’ve decided to compile a list of the 3 best doctors to ever grace our television screens. If you disagree and or have someone else to add, please add your comment to the bottom so I can ignore it entirely.

3. Doogie Howser- This gem of a show aired from 1989 until 1993. This was your typical story about a genius 16-year-old who became a doctor after getting a perfect score on his SATs, completed high school in 9 weeks and was accepted into Princeton at the age of nine. But  for some reason, he had the lamest theme song.

Clearly the budget wasn’t spent on the opening of the show.

These days we know Doogie Howser as Barney Stinson on the popular show, How I Met Your Mother.

Barney Stinson

Which one of you ladies needs a breast exam? I’m a doctor.

2. Dr. Perry Cox- In case you haven’t read my post about how much I miss the show Scrubs, I absolutely loved Dr. Cox. The guy was an arrogant know-it-all, and way cooler than you and I will ever be.

Dr. Cox

Dr. Cox- What all doctors wish they could be.

Scrubs was on the air from 2001 until 2010. And in those nine years, I learned to love and hate the antics of Perry Cox. He treated everyone like crap, did hilarious rants, but was also a brilliant doctor. His narcissism and cocky attitude made me dislike him, but every now and then he would give you a gleam of hope that he was a good person.

However, there was one doctor with similar traits that always seemed to trump Dr. Cox. The number one TV doctor is…

1. Dr. Gregory House- Whether you watched the show or not, everyone has heard of Dr. House. Hugh Laurie brilliantly portrayed this self-hating, self-destructive, arrogant and cold-hearted doctor. And he did it all in an American accent. Impressive.

Even when the writing took a turn for the worse and the stories lines got ridiculous, I still tuned in because House’s character was just so engaging.

Sadly, the show aired it’s finale and we will no longer be graced with the presence of our favorite doctor. Unless you have different stations like USA, Fox, Bravo and the countless others networks that will most likely be airing the re-runs for years to come.

Who are some of your favorite TV doctors? Share them in the comments section.

Music Video of the Week- The Subways

To start off the New Year, I thought I would go with a song that is fun, energetic and quite catchy. This week’s video is from the band, The Subways, and the song is called Shake, Shake.

The Subways

The Subways

The Subways are an indie band from England that released their first album back in 2005, called Young For Eternity. The song they are mostly known for is Oh Yeah.

Throughout their career, they have released 3 studio albums. Even though they haven’t had much commercial success, they have built a big following playing at festivals and clubs.

I first heard of this band back in 2006 when they were playing with Taking Back Sunday on their summer tour. They were the first act, and they had a great sound. Recently, I started listening to all of their latest music and I haven’t been disappointed.

Check out the video:

If you know of any bands that are similar to The Subways, let me know about them in the comments section.


New Posts Starting On January 7th

I’ve taken a bit of break over the holidays from writing. However, I made a New Year’s resolution to be more dedicated to this site and actually produce more content. But as we all know, New Year’s resolutions are mostly lies that last about a week.

Hopefully, I won’t fall behind and will be able to produce at least one new post each week. Keep your fingers crossed. If you have any ideas for content or music videos, please feel free to share them so I can use them and not give you any credit.

Just kidding. I’ll link back to your blog so people can check out your work as well. It’s a win-win for everyone.




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