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Top 3 Everything Of 2012

Another year is coming to an end. It’s time to reflect and say goodbye to 2012 and look forward to all the things that 2013 has to offer. I’ve got my fingers crossed for hover crafts and teleportation.

teacher writing equations on the black board

Stop letting me down, science!

Since the year is coming to a close, I thought this would be a great opportunity to look back and share some of my top 3 favorite things. So get ready to go back in time and enjoy 2012 before she goes away.

Top 3 Superhero Movies- I’m going to divide the superhero movies from the other movies because there were some films that I didn’t want to leave out.

3. The Amazing Spider-Man– I enjoyed the new take on Spider-Man. I am a fan of the original films, and I really wish they would have made Spider-Man 4. However, I did enjoy the film more than I thought.

2. The Dark Knight Rises– Even though there were some holes in the story, you can’t deny that Nolan made the best Batman films ever. I think everyone knew that this movie wouldn’t surpass The Dark Knight, but it was still brilliant.

1. The Avengers– Finally! Marvel really got this movie right. Sure, Batman was good, but this movie was amazing. We finally got to see the film that Marvel has been building since Iron Man and it was worth the wait.

Top 3 Movies (non-superhero)

3. End of Watch– This cop drama/documentary style film was really enjoyable. The cast was great and the ending really hits you hard.

2. Looper– I thought this was a pretty good sci-fi film that really looked at time travel in a new way. Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis did a really good job with the characters. Also, Emily Blunt is beautiful and one of my favorite actresses.

1. Flight– Two words. Denzel Washington. This movie dealt with a pilot and his alcohol problems that led to him being investigated after he landed a faulty plane in a field. Washington’s performance was one of his best.

Also, just to clarify. There were some other movies that could have potentially made the list, but unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to see them quite yet.

Top 3 Albums 

3. The Darkness- Hot Cakes

2. The Avett Brothers– The Carpenter

1. Jack White– Blunderbuss- Just a side note, I love how on his website, he has posted a few of the negative reviews.

Top 3 Songs

3. Psy- Gangnam Style

2. The Avett Brothers- Live and Die

1. Jack White- Sixteen Saltines

Top 3 Shows

3. Sons of Anarchy

2. The Walking Dead– Season 3 was pretty amazing. I loved how the group took over the prison and I was really happy that a certain character is no longer in the picture. The 2nd half of the season starts in February and I’m so excited.

1. Breaking Bad– This is quite possibly one of the best shows ever created. The writing and acting is brilliant and you really get sucked into the show. What’s really crazy is that you cheer for Walter White even when he starts turning into a monster. If you haven’t seen this show, I can’t tell you enough to jump on the train before it all ends this summer. You’ll love the ride.

Breaking Bad poster

Best. Show. Ever.

What were some of your favorite things from 2012? Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments section or on the Facebook page.



Music Video of the Week (Holiday Editon)- Paul McCartney

The holidays are getting closer and closer. Time for good cheer and good times. And one of the musicians who always brings a smile to my face is Sir Paul McCartney.

You may have heard of Paul before. He was in this band called, The Beatles, but they never really made it big. And they only had like one or two hits that you’ve probably never heard of.

Just kidding of course.

This week, I chose McCartney’s song and video for Wonderful Christmas Time. So let’s all hop in our time machines and make a trip back to 1979. Enjoy!

My Favorite Saturday Night Live Holiday Sketches

It’s the holidays, which means it’s time for celebrating and spending time with all of those important people that you love. I figured for this blog post I would mix together two of favorite things, which are the holidays and laughter.

If you never watched Saturday Night Live during the holidays, then you missed out on some fantastic sketches. When it comes to the holidays, there are a few sketches that really stick out in my mind, and I would love to share them with you.

So gather your family around the ole computer, with the exception of small children, and enjoy some of these hilarious sketches.

4. Michael Buble Duets– Jimmy Fallon is amazing in this skit. And that’s all you need to know.


3. The Hanukkah Song- Before Adam Sandler started making really bad movies, he was pretty hilarious on Saturday Night Live.


2. Schweddy Balls- Alec Baldwin is one of the most amazing hosts in the history of SNL. The guy is ridiculously hilarious. One of his many highlights on the show was his appearance on NPR as Pete Schweddy.


1. D*ck in a Box– This should come as a surprise to no one. Justin Timberlake is talented musician, but he is also an amazing SNL host and comedic performer. Also, Andy Samberg is incredibly talented. Put the two together and you have a legendary sketch. Just a warning, this is the unedited version, so be prepared.

What are some of your favorite SNL sketches of all time? Tell me about them in the comments!

Music Video of the Week (Holiday Edition)- Phantom Planet

For the month of December, I am focusing on great Christmas songs that I enjoy. Last week, I hope your ears were blessed by The Darkness with their original Christmas song, Christmas Time.

This week, I’ve decided to go with the band, Phantom Planet and their live cover of the holiday classic, Winter Wonderland. If you are unfamiliar with the work of Phantom Planet, they are known for songs such as California, Lonely Day, and Do The Panic. Also, their former drummer was Jason Schwartzman who has been in multiple movies including Moonrise Kingdom, Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, Funny People and Rushmore.

I enjoy this version of the song because it has an amazing accordion and a good rock sound. It’s definitely a unique take on the song. So go pour yourself a cup of hot chocolate and enjoy this wonderful little tune.

What are some of your favorite Christmas songs? Tell me about them in the comments section!

A Letter To Jason Statham

Mr. Statham,

First of of all, let me say that I have enjoyed a few of the movies that you have been in. Of course, most of the movies I enjoyed were because of the other actors, but nevertheless, you were in them.

I thought Snatchwas an absolutely brilliant film. Sure you were in Brad Pitt’s shadow the whole time, however you did an excellent job.

It just seems like when you star in a movie, you keep playing the same character and you keep repeating the same plot. We get it…you’re a badass, you’re really good at karate and you enjoy shooting people.

I’m ashamed to say this, but I started referring to your movies as Transporter sequels. For instance, you have a new movie coming out called Parker, but I refer to it as, The Transporter 7.

I understand that you’re an action movie kind of guy, but I also believe that you can spread your wings and do something different. Now I’m not telling you to go down the same path as Gerard Butler and start making chick-flicks or movies about surfing and soccer. I’m just asking you to take a break from action movies.

Playing For Keeps poster

How do you go from 300 to this?

Look, it’d be different if there was some difference or new flavor to your movies. But you pretty much play the same character over and over again. You’re always some guy who has to face impossible odds in order to save someone or kill someone. And along the way you fight a group of bad guys (with your shirt off) and show off your karate moves and you sleep with the female lead. Also, on most posters you are pointing or holding a gun.

Also, you always seem to pick movies with horrible titles that any 10 year old could have made up. The Transporter, Death Race, Safe, Crank and Parker are all pretty unoriginal movie titles.

And yes, I know you tried to branch out with the kid’s movie Gnomeo & Juliet, but let’s face it, no one really knew you were in that movie. I only know because I stumbled across it on IMDB.  And you only gave your voice to it, so technically it doesn’t really count.

I understand that action movies are your bread and butter. The only problem is that the bread is moldy and the butter is dog feces. And you just keep spreading it and spreading it thinking that no one will notice.

Don’t get me wrong here, Mr. Statham, I have enjoyed some moments from your movies. I really enjoyed the original Transporter and your movies do have some pretty good action scenes. With the exception of the time you flipped your car and a crane pulled a bomb off the bottom.

That was just plain ridiculous and you know it.

I guess the point I’m trying to make it that I think you can do better and you’re selling yourself short, man. But then again, what do I know? Stay on the same path if you want, and I’ll keep my eyes open for more sequels to The Transporter, or even worse, The Expendables 3.

Expendables 2 poster


Yours truly, madly and deeply,

Some random guy.

What’s your favorite or least favorite Jason Statham movie? Tell me about it in the comments.

Music Video of the Week (Holiday Edition)- The Darkness

For the month of December, I’ve decided to only post my favorite holiday songs. Some of them may be old classics and others may be songs written by current artists. But you can rest assured that each video will fill you with the holiday spirit and make you question my taste in music. Sound fun?

The Darkness

The Darkness

The first song that I chose is from the band, The Darkness. These guys are a truly unique band. They are a group of guys from England who have really brought back guitar solos, long hair, high-pitched vocals and tight spandex pants. But in all seriousness, these guys are some amazingly talented gentlemen.

This band has been on my bucket-list of bands to see before I die. Luckily, I’m finally getting that chance in January when they play a show at The Masquerade in Atlanta.

Sure, The Darkness is known for their hits such as I Believe in a Thing Called Love, Get Your Hands Off of My Woman, and Growing on Me. However, they took the time to show off their Christmas spirit and wrote a song about holiday cheer and good times.

This week’s video is called Christmas Time. Check it out and enjoy.

What are some of your favorite holiday songs? Tell me about them in the comments section.

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