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Egyptian Popeye Taking Steroids?

I’ve never really understood why anyone would take steroids. Sure they can help you achieve great things in sports like home run records but what are the real consequences? Obviously there are side effects like millions of dollars, Nike contracts, and the admiration of everyone in the world, but who would want any of that?

Another side effect of steroids is becoming the most electrifying man in sport’s entertainment.

I’m just kidding. Yes, sometimes people who take steroids become famous athletes, actors or even governors of California. But there are also tons of people who take the stuff who just end up playing softball in a co-ed league.

This brings me to a wonderful story I found about a man who is known as the “Egyptian Popeye.” His real name is Moustafa Ismail and his arms are humongous!

I’ll give you a minute or two to go vomit.

This gentlemen is from Massachusetts and is a bodybuilder, even though from the looks of it, he’s a bicep and tricep builder. He says that he has achieved this “wonderful” physique because he,

 eats seven pounds of protein, nine pounds of carbohydrates and three gallons of water each day to help maintain upper arms that measure 31 inches around – as big as a small man’s waist.

That’s right  31 inches.

There are skeptics (myself included) who think that steroids or other drugs have helped him reach this goal. I’m not a betting man, but I would probably guess horse testosterone.

However, the guy is sticking to his guns and claiming that his arms are all natural. He just eats a ton of protein and has a grueling 2 hour workout that he does everyday. However, the rest of of his body is average. So apparently, he only works his arms.

The Guinness Book of World Records was going to recognize him as the “man with the largest arms,” until controversy started about how is muscles might have grown with the help of illegal substances. You think they would have checked this out before sending him on an all-expenses-paid trip to London to do a special appearance.

I just want to point out that there is only one other man that I have seen whose arms look strangely similar. His name is Greg Valentino. Or as others like to call him, “the man whose arms exploded.”

Yes, you can go vomit again…

If you can’t really tell, this man is in handcuffs. He was arrested for possession of illegal sports enhancing drugs such as steroids. So am I saying that the Egyptian Popeye is a cheater cheater pumpkin eater? Yes. That’s exactly what I’m saying.

Then again, it’s not my place to judge people. If he says he didn’t cheat, then I’ll take his word for it. It’s just really weird that I don’t see anyone else who works out for a few years and gets gigantic arms like that. But maybe it’s just in his genetics.

If you’re interested to learn more about the world of bodybuilding or the effects of taking steroids, I highly recommend you check out the documentaries, Pumping Iron, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou Ferrigno, and Bigger Stronger Faster.

Check out the full story and tell me what you think in the comments section.


Music Video of the Week- Relient K

I started listening to Relient K back in 6th grade, which has been quite a long time. Well, at least to me. They’ve gone through some changes through the years, such as a new drummer and bassist. And along with that, their music has changed as well.

The band, Relient K

Relient K

Their first albums were filled with fun, pop-punk anthems like Sadie Hawkins Dance, Pressing On, Hello McFly and Marilyn Manson Ate My Girlfriend. Over the years, the sound has grown and become more serious.

In a way, this band holds a special place in my musical heart, because I feel like their music grew up with me. The albums Mmhmm, Five Score and Seven Years Ago and Forget and Not Slow Down really began to show the maturity of this band and the excellent lyrical work of their lead singer, Matthew Thiessen.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed each and every album and have numerous songs memorized. Every time I hear one of their older songs, I can immediately connect it to a memory.

Their latest album is Forget and Not Slow Down, and it’s a really solid record. The only thing I don’t like is the fact that there were no music videos to come from the album. So I will just have to share some of their earlier work. But luckily, these guys are working on some new stuff. So maybe we’ll get some new music videos from them in the future. (fingers crossed.)

This week’s video is from Relient K and the songs is called Must Have Done Something Right. And even though I hate soccer, I find this to be a really fun video and song. Check it out.

Tell me about your favorite Relient K song in the comments section.

Random Facts About Thanksgiving

As most of you know, Thanksgiving is right around the corner. This holiday is a great time of year to get together with your family, eat tons of food, watch some football and for psychotic people to go out and murder one another while shopping.

two girls fightings

I’d like to point out that in real life, it’s never two hot ladies cat fighting. One can dream, though.

But, let’s not focus on the negative here. Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday for people to give thanks.

For this post, I want to share some fun facts that I’ve been finding on the interweb. So sit back with your big, fat turkey leg and enjoy.

1. 91% of Americans eat turkey on Thanksgiving- That is really good news for humans and absolutely horrible news for turkeys. I’m sorry you have to die, but it’s your own fault for being so delicious. (Apologies to the vegetarian and avian readers.)

2. The first Thanksgiving lasted 3 days- In a way, I guess my Thanksgiving lasts about 3 days when you consider that I have to eat leftovers until it’s all gone. I’m not complaining, because I do enjoy the occasional turkey sandwich.

However, I’ve never had a feast last for 3 days. That would be a pretty fun party, but I think by like the 2nd day I’d be ready for everyone to leave so I could nap.

3. The first feast consisted of corn, barley, wild turkeys, waterfowl and venison– I’m definitely glad we have updated the menu since then. I’m not sure I could enjoy Thanksgiving without sweet potato souffle, dressing, and pumpkin pie.

4. The average adult consumes 4,500 calories on Thanksgiving day– Wow…you should be ashamed of yourself, fatty.

5. About 20% of cranberries consumed in the US are eaten on Thanksgiving- Really? I’ve never really understood the combination of cranberries and other food. It just doesn’t appeal to me for some reason.

6. Turkey breeding has changed due to Thanksgiving- It turns out that everyone loves big breasts…when it comes to Thanksgiving. Turkeys are now being bred to have bigger breasts since it’s so popular.

Mr. Bean

Oh, I know what you mean.

That’s it. Hope you enjoyed these fun facts. If you have any fun, unusual, hilarious or crazy facts, please share them in the comments section. Have a nice Turkey Day!

Music Video of the Week- The Scenic

For some reason, every time I find a new band whose music I enjoy, they break up. For instance, this week’s band, The Scenic, was a nifty little band that I stumbled upon one day. I really dug a few of their tracks and decided to learn more about them.

The Scenic

The Scenic

Sadly, they had broken up a few months before I started listening to their music. Talk about being late to the party. Oh well. At least these guys made one really good album called Bipolaroid that I can still enjoy with the help of Spotify.

This week’s music video is from The Scenic and the song is called, “Uh Oh.” Simple and to the point. This video is pretty odd, but also kind of cool.

It follows around this guy who has an imaginary bunny friend that seems to get him in a lot of trouble. I think we can all relate to that, right?

Anyways, here’s the video and I hope you like it.

Do you know of any other bands that are similar to this one? If so, tell me about them in the comments section!

Music Video of the Week- I Can Make A Mess Like Nobody’s Business

When bands split up/take a break and start side projects, I never really know what I’m in for. Some musicians go the experimental route and create music in an entirely different genre all together. Side projects can be great because they allow the artist to work on new material and work with different musicians.

Ace Enders

Ace Enders

I’m writing all this to tell you about one of my favorite “side project bands” of all time, I Can Make A Mess Like Nobody’s Business. If you listen to The Early November and enjoy their music, then you’ll most likely love this band. It was started by Ace Enders, the frontman for The Early November.

I Can Make A Mess has more of an acoustic sound than November, which is the reason I’m such a fan. They’ve released a few albums, but their latest one called Gold Rush is pretty solid and has some really catchy tunes.

This week, I’ve chosen the song Had To Be There off of Gold Rush. This is a pretty cool video, because it’s just the singer and his guitar walking around what looks like his house. Here it is, so please enjoy!

Do you know of any artists similar to this one? If so, please tell me about them in the comments section!

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