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Sharks in the Water

There are sharks in the water, or so some people say.

Though I’ve never seen a tail or fin passing during the day.

These sharks they say will tear you up and go from limb to limb,

But will these fears be so great that I would never risk a swim?

These sharks want blood and to feed on all of us who pass.

But I’ve never even seen attacks, perhaps they were too fast.

“Razor sharp and whitened teeth will slice right through your skin.”

And all these tales of tragedy keep me from diving in.

But alas, one day I took a breath and put my right foot in,

To draw the beast, from west or east, to see its tail or fin.

To my surprise, my eager eyes never saw a sight or sound.

This led me to believe that the sharks were not around.

The next day came, I did the same, the sharks were nowhere in my sight.

I closed my eyes and held my breath to explore the water, dark as night.

With my body in the water, I looked but never saw,

A fin or tail, or whitened teeth that lined a monstrous jaw.

To this day when people tell me not to swim, not to bother,

I ask myself, “Do I see a shark within the water?”

Now men’s tales don’t scare me when they speak of things unknown.

I dove in and swam around, and the sharks have never shown.


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