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Streaking! At A Youth Soccer Game?

Streakers are probably the only reason to ever watch soccer. Sure, I could waste 3 hours of my life watching grown men kick a ball back a forth only to end the game at 0-0, but I’ve got plenty of other ways to waste my time.

a field of grass

For example, I could watch this grass grow and be just as equally entertained.

However, I stumbled upon this great story that actually made soccer appealing. And if there is one thing I hate more than watching soccer, it’s reading about soccer.

What makes this story unique is where it took place and the fact the streaker was a woman. Don’t get me wrong, I think women can streak just as good as men, but the fact that it took place at a youth soccer match is baffling.

A woman ran out onto the field, topless, with her boobs painted blue and white. She was quickly taken down by a security guard and escorted off the field. The guy who caught it on video alleges that the woman was a little intoxicated.

First of all, why didn’t anything like this happen when I played soccer? I played goalie and the only exciting thing that ever happened was when a ball came at me once in a blue moon or if my shoe came untied. Other than that, I literally just sat down on the grass and waited for basketball season.

a kid playing goalie

Oh…the excitement.

Secondly, this woman shouldn’t have been punished. She was just trying to make soccer exciting, and let’s face it, that’s pretty hard to do. I’m willing to bet that’s the only time in history that people will talk about a youth soccer game after it’s over.

Thirdly, what if this woman was someone’s mother? Holy cow! How embarrassing would that be? I’ve heard of parents getting out of hand at their kid’s sporting events, but this is ridiculous!

But then again, maybe she was just trying to show that she had team spirit. Yeah, there are better ways of showing your spirit like making a poster or a t-shirt, but running around topless during the game might be over the top. I will give her bonus points for thinking outside the box though.

Tell me what you think about this after you read the full story.


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