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Music Video of the Week- Royal Blood

This week’s video comes from a band that I recently came across listening to random playlists in Spotify. And what a pleasant surprise they have been.

Royal Blood is an English rock duo that started back in 2013. Although, if you listen to their album, you will swear that there are more than two people in the band. Another cool thing about them is that their sound comes from a bass guitar and a set of drums. That’s it. They are like the White Stripes, but a lot heavier.

I’m not sure how he does it, but the lead singer/bass player creates some amazing and unusual sounds with his instrument. I’ve listened to their entire debut album and I’m quite impressed that they can create such great music with just two instruments.

So without further delay, check out this video for the song called, “Little Monster.” Enjoy!


Music Video of the Week- Silverstein

I will admit and I’m not ashamed that I still listen to bands that were popular in the 2000s. If a song has good lyrics, real instruments and a great music video, then I’m always on board. One of my favorite bands from the 2000s was a group called Silverstein. A few months ago, I started listening to their music again and I was pleasantly surprised that they are still releasing new records.

In fact, this year, they will be releasing a new record called, “I Am Alive in Everything I Touch.” And I’m very excited about it. These guys have consistently made good albums without ever changing their style of music. Most bands these days decide to switch styles in order to sell more records but it usually just comes off looking desperate. Check out the new Nickelback video if you need an example of how sad it can be.

But yes, Silverstein has stuck to their guns and continue to make great rock music. That’s why this week’s video is from their new album and it’s called, “A Midwestern State of Emergency.” Enjoy!

Music Video of the Week- The Wonder Years

Life is full of highs and low. Valleys and mountains. Sometimes we’re on top of the world and sometimes we are in the deepest gutter. For the times where I feel like I’m stuck in a hole, I usually listen to this song by The Wonder Years called, “Passing Through a Screen Door.”

The song is about a guy who doesn’t seem to have his life together. One point in the bridge he talks about being 26 and not measuring up to his peers. The lives of others seem to be in order and seem to be productive. That’s something I can relate to on a very deep level.

You start to look around and ask yourself if you messed up somewhere along the way. Maybe you look back and see choices you’ve made and wonder where you would be if you choose differently. Maybe you’d have a wife, a family, a better job, a better place to live or just a better life in general. Maybe you’d be a better person.

The thing I love most about The Wonder Years is that their lyrics are so relatable. You can feel the real emotion coming through. The lead singer asks questions of himself and examines how he could have been a better person.

On the other hand, maybe we’ve made the right choices. Maybe we are exactly where we are suppose to be. Maybe our choices are leading us to something greater than we ever could have imagined. Maybe the other choices just weren’t for us. At least, that’s what I’m hoping…

So here is this week’s music video. Enjoy.

Music Video of the Week- Taking Back Sunday

Taking Back Sunday is one of my favorite rock bands. Yeah, I know some people describe them as “emo,” but I do have a problem with that term. Technically all music is “emo” since all goods songs convey some sort of emotion. But that is neither here nor there.

Taking Back Sunday

Taking Back Sunday

Personally, I think Taking Back Sunday were in their prime when the album, Where You Want To Be came out. Yes, Tell All Your Friends was a great record, but for some reason I could relate and enjoyed WYWTB even more.

This week, I have chosen a live music video from these guys. The song is called One-Eighty By Summer and it just happens to be my favorite track from WYWTB, even though I thoroughly enjoyed every song from the record.

So sit back, and enjoy an amazing performance by one of my favorite bands.

What’s your favorite Taking Back Sunday song? Tell me about it in the comments.


Music Video of the Week- The Scenic

For some reason, every time I find a new band whose music I enjoy, they break up. For instance, this week’s band, The Scenic, was a nifty little band that I stumbled upon one day. I really dug a few of their tracks and decided to learn more about them.

The Scenic

The Scenic

Sadly, they had broken up a few months before I started listening to their music. Talk about being late to the party. Oh well. At least these guys made one really good album called Bipolaroid that I can still enjoy with the help of Spotify.

This week’s music video is from The Scenic and the song is called, “Uh Oh.” Simple and to the point. This video is pretty odd, but also kind of cool.

It follows around this guy who has an imaginary bunny friend that seems to get him in a lot of trouble. I think we can all relate to that, right?

Anyways, here’s the video and I hope you like it.

Do you know of any other bands that are similar to this one? If so, tell me about them in the comments section!

Music Video Of The Week- Butch Walker And The Black Widows

This week’s video comes from an artist from good ole Georgia. I was first introduced to Butch Walker‘s music back in the 90s when he was in the band, Marvelous 3. Their hit song, Freak of the Week, was glorious and the music video was even better.

Butch Walker

Butch Walker

Recently, my brother started listening to Walker’s newer stuff called Butch Walker and the Black Widows and shared with me a music video so awesome that words cannot fully describe it. If you’re a fan of the movie, Dazed and Confused, then you are sure to fall in love with this video.

I won’t give away the surprise, but let’s just say there is a special celebrity in the video that makes it amazing. (Alright, alright, alright.)

This week’s video comes from one of my new favorite artists, even though he is 42 and has been around forever, Butch Walker. This song is called Synthesizers and is pure genius. Enjoy!

Music Video of the Week- Billy Talent

This week’s video comes from a band that I really don’t know much about, called Billy Talent. They are a Canadian punk band that formed back in 1993.

To be completely honest, this song showed up on one of my Spotify radio stations and I’ve been jamming out to it ever since. These guys have some pretty good material from what I’ve heard from them.

Anyways, here is there video called, “Try Honesty.” The video is a tad bit creepy, the lead singer gets really intense and the guitar player has some amazing hair. I have no idea how he gets to stay so perfectly.

That’s neither here nor there, so just enjoy the music my friend.

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