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Easter: A Holiday for Violence

This week I was trying to brainstorm ideas for this blog entry. I was trying to think of a clever Easter post that would be both insightful and humorous. However, I failed to construct such an entry mostly because of my laziness and lack of time.

Then it came to me. Just like a chocolate bunny delivered from the hands of heaven, I stumbled upon an amazing story of both stupidity and a constant reminder that the human race is slowly, but surely, evolving back into Neanderthals.

a neanderthal

My apologies to the Neanderthals who read this blog.

I’m actually deeply upset because I was shocked that such an awful news story took place in my home state of Georgia. Way to make me proud… Here it is:

An annual Easter egg hunt in central Georgia was canceled because, in past years, the parents grew increasingly violent when trying to collect eggs for themselves and their children. Now the article doesn’t mention anything about the children being violent. Just the parents.

So now because of the “parents” acting like a bunch of asshats, the children don’t get to celebrate and enjoy a wonderful holiday celebration.

This Easter event is actually one of the largest in the state of Georgia, which means a lot of children will be missing out.

Perhaps, the parents shouldn’t be allowed to attend or take part in Easter anymore. Or perhaps they should be locked up for the benefit of all mankind. I vote for the latter. Just read one the quotes!

Allen said he canceled this year’s hunt because parents caused children to be hurt. He said that in past years, one woman was injured and several children were “trampled on.”

Children were trampled on? I don’t recall that being one of the traditions of Easter. Let’s see, we color eggs, buy chocolate bunnies, take pictures with the Easter bunny, and…what else? Oh yeah! Trample small, helpless children! That’s what we’ve been forgetting.

What I really don’t get is why anyone would become violent over Easter eggs? It’s just plastic filled with candy. You know you can just go to any store the day after and get candy for like 10 cents. It’s not worth going to jail over.

a woman being arrested

"I was just trying to help my baby get some Easter eggs, yall!" If you read it in a southern accent, it's more effective.

What’s your reaction to this story? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section and have a Happy Easter. Just don’t trample any small children.

You can read the full article here.


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