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Man Gets Charged With DUI Twice In One Night

Someone call the guys from the book of world records. This guy named Robert Brodnick from Pennsylvania got charged with a DUI twice in one night. How does that even happen?

A doctor shrugging.
Not even science can explain the stupidity.

The worst part about this story is the fact that the guy got his second DUI 15 minutes after he got the first one. And to make matters worse, he got stopped by the same cop! How stupid can one person be?  Once he was arrested the police found out that Robert’s blood-alcohol limit was at least double of what the law allows.

Brodnick then said he only had a few beers and wanted to drive his new car home. I’m no alcohol expert but I’m pretty sure a few beers won’t get you as hammered as this guy actually was.

A guy drinking a beer.
I don’t think I’m drunk…I know I’m drunk, officer!

Check out this link for more information on the story.


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