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New Invention Allows People to Climb Walls Like Spider-Man

If you’ve never daydreamed about being Spider-Man, then you should probably get yourself checked out because there is something wrong with you. Almost everyone loves the famous wall-crawler and wishes they could have his superpowers for just one day. Well, now we are one step closer.

A group of engineering students from Utah State University invented a Personal Vacuum Assisted Climber or PVAC for short.

a man climbing a wall

The only downside is that you’ll look more like Dr. Octopus than Spider-Man.

Since I know very little about engineering, I’ll share a quote with you from the Huffington Post, so you can better understand how this thing works.

The device is basically a vacuum motor that powers two suction paddles, and sticks onto any building surface, be it glass, stucco, or brick, and is powerful enough to support up to 700 pounds, depending on the altitude.

This is every nerd’s dream come true!

After I read more about it, the story reflects more of an Iron Man movie. The team made this crafty invention for a competition sponsored by the Air Force. The Air Force was so blown away that they decided to invest $100,000 into developing the PVAC even further. Could we be looking at a new military weapon?

There are still some things that need to be worked out like the weight and the fact that it’s pretty loud. However, I think this is an amazing invention that has great potential and power. “And with great power comes great responsibility,” said Uncle Ben for the seventy-fifth time.

Spider-Man's web shooters

Now we just need someone to invent the web shooters.

Do you know of any other cool superhero-like inventions? If so, tell me about them in the comments section or on the Facebook page.

Check out the article to find out more about this cool story.


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