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Music Video of the Week (Holiday Edition)- The Darkness

For the month of December, I’ve decided to only post my favorite holiday songs. Some of them may be old classics and others may be songs written by current artists. But you can rest assured that each video will fill you with the holiday spirit and make you question my taste in music. Sound fun?

The Darkness

The Darkness

The first song that I chose is from the band, The Darkness. These guys are a truly unique band. They are a group of guys from England who have really brought back guitar solos, long hair, high-pitched vocals and tight spandex pants. But in all seriousness, these guys are some amazingly talented gentlemen.

This band has been on my bucket-list of bands to see before I die. Luckily, I’m finally getting that chance in January when they play a show at The Masquerade in Atlanta.

Sure, The Darkness is known for their hits such as I Believe in a Thing Called Love, Get Your Hands Off of My Woman, and Growing on Me. However, they took the time to show off their Christmas spirit and wrote a song about holiday cheer and good times.

This week’s video is called Christmas Time. Check it out and enjoy.

What are some of your favorite holiday songs? Tell me about them in the comments section.


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