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Music Video of the Week- Paramore

I was going through all my music video posts trying to think of what band would be next, and something occurred to me. Through out this entire process, I’ve really been lacking in female artists. So to make up for the error of my ways, this week I decided to go with a great band with an amazing female vocalist.



This week’s video comes from the band, Paramore. I’ve been a fan of theirs for a while and I have to say that their record, Brand New Eyes, contained a song that was both insightful and memorable. To this day, this one particular song remains my favorite. I’m talking about the song, Playing God.

I really respect artists who can mold their fears, doubts, and struggles into a beautiful song that is both relatable and inspirational. In fact the whole album really dealt with some heavy stuff like doubt and fear. One of my favorite lyrics from Brand New Eyes came from the song Careful. “The truth never set me free, so I did it myself.”

Here’s the video for Playing God. Enjoy!


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