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4 Underrated Comedies You Should Check Out

Sometimes it’s weird to see which comedies become really successful and which become box office flops. But rest assured, if it’s got Adam Sandler or Eddie Murphy in it, you can pretty much expect it to flop. And if they ever do a movie together, you can expect the horsemen of the apocalypse to follow soon after.

Today, I want to talk about some comedies that I thought were pretty hilarious but didn’t do too well when it came to making money. If you get the chance to see any of these gems, I highly recommend you do so. So here are my top 4 underrated comedies.

4. Zoolander- I’ll admit, the first time I saw Zoolander, I didn’t get it. I thought it was so stupid. But this movie aged like a fine wine. Now, every time I watch it, I find more hilarious quotes that I use at inappropriate times during every day situations.

In my opinion, this is one of Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson’s best comedies. The premise of the movie and the plot is so ridiculous that you can’t help but fall in love with the stupidity.

Basically, this movie shows the true mature of the male modeling world. We finally get to see how hard it is to be “really really ridiculously good-looking.” And with the help of Will Ferrell, Billy Zane and David Bowie, you have some pretty incredible laughs along the way.

Here’s one of my favorite scenes where Zoolander is challenged to a walk-off:

3. Pootie Tang– I chose this movie because it was written and directed by Louis C.K. who has been named one of the top comedians of today. Unfortunately, this movie was not a big moment in his career, even though I enjoyed it.

In the movie, the main character, Pootie Tang, talks in his own language, has a magical belt, and is famous for his singing, his public service announcements and defeating crime.

I’m sure that probably makes no sense, but it does have some great moments, like when Pootie records his new single that blows everyone’s mind:

2. Night at the Roxbury- Most SNL movies based off of skits usually aren’t very good. However, this movie is the exception to the rule. The brilliant combination of Will Ferrell and Chris Kattan brings more laughs than I can count. This movie has a ton of hilarious quotes and is all around amazing.

The story follows two brothers, Doug and Steve Butabi, as they go around to clubs with big dreams and no common sense. Their entire lives revolve around picking up women and hitting up every club they can all while dancing to Haddaway’s hit song, “What Is Love?”

From their absolute stupidity, ridiculous pick-up lines and their crazy story about meeting Emilio Estevez, this movie provides a ton of laughs.

1. The Sasquatch Gang- I’ve saved the best for last. This movie truly changed my life, but it takes a certain kind of sense of humor to truly enjoy it. Some people get it, and others simply won’t.

This movie was made by the same people who brought you Napoleon Dynamite. And even though most fans won’t admit it, this movie is better.

It stars Justin Long, Carl Weathers, the guy who played Uncle Rico, and a bunch of other actors who I don’t care to learn their names.

This movie is about a group of friends who find Sasquatch foot prints and a Sasquatch turd in the woods.They report it to the police and everyone is excited to capture the Bigfoot. Little do they know that they are actually the victims of a prank started by two morons trying to make some money. This is a film that you just have to experience for yourself.

Here is one of the best scenes. If you don’t like it, then this movie and the subtle humor may not be your cup of tea:

What are some underrated comedies that you enjoy? Tell me about them in the comments section!


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