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Music Video of the Week: The Darkness

If you have never heard of The Darkness, then you are missing out on some fine British glam rock. These guys made it big back in 2003 with their album, Permission to Land. The first single off that marvelous album was called, I Believe in a Thing Called Love. With high-pitched vocals, riveting guitar solos and memorable riffs, these guys were one of the best bands to come out in the 2000s.

The band, The Darkness

Unfortunately, the band split in the year 2005 after lead singer, Justin Hawkins, quit the band to go to rehab. Hawkins went on to front his own band called Hot Leg and the other members formed a band called Stone Gods.

However, in March of 2011, the rock gods smiled upon the earth and The Darkness started playing reunion shows. They are now officially back together and about to release a new album.

This week’s video is from their second album and the song is called Girlfriend. I picked it mainly because I didn’t even know the video existed and it’s got a sweet keytar solo. Enjoy!

Do you know of any bands similar to the Darkness? If so, tell me about them in the comments section.


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3 thoughts on “Music Video of the Week: The Darkness

  1. Macky Paige on said:

    You should also check out their video for Everybody Have A Good Time!

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