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If The 2012 GOP Nomination Was a Movie

I think it would be a great idea if Disney or some other company picked up the rights to the 2012 GOP Nomination and made a movie. Just think, it could cover the whole story of how Mitt Romney rose to greatness and eventually became the nominee. However, there would need to be a supporting cast. Luckily for Disney or whoever, I’ve already made the cast list for them. You’re welcome. Just put the check in the mail.

Mitt Romney would be played by…

Bruce Campbell

Rick Perry would be played by…

Josh Brolin

Newt Gingrich would be played by…

Emperor Palpatine

Rick Santorum would be played by…

Jerry Seinfeld

Ron Paul would be played by…


Michelle Bachman would be played by…

Sarah Palin

Herman Cain would be played by…

this random, box of pizza that costs $9.99

Who do you think should play the candidates in a movie? Share your thoughts in the comments section.


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