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Three of the Most Dangerous Jobs in America

I work in a cubicle, so it’s safe for you to assume that I don’t experience a lot of danger during the the work day. Sure I might get a wrist cramp from all of my typing or my eyes may get dry from staring at a computer screen. However, there is no real significant danger that could affect me in my day to day tasks.

This got me thinking about the most dangerous jobs in America that no one really knows about or talks about. Sure, police officers, firemen and the military have the most dangerous jobs and I respect them immensely. But, just imagine going to work everyday knowing that you might be staring death right in the face and no one really notices or appreciates the work you do.

After doing some research, I found three of the most dangerous jobs in America:

3) Farmers and ranchers- When I first heard about this one, I was actually quite surprised. What could be so dangerous about milking a few cows or picking some eggs up from the hen house?

Due to my ignorance of what the farming job actually entails, I was shocked that about 300 people died in 2010 due to their career in the farming industry.

a group of hens

I guess the hens are more dangerous than I thought.

Not exactly; it turns outs that most farmers and/or ranchers are killed due to transportation incidents. These people are around heavy machinery such as tractors, plows, cotton pickers and hay balers all day long. One misstep, distraction or simple mistake could lead to an accidental death such as getting run over or drowning in a silo of grain during harvest season. Yeah, that really happens. Speaking of deadly careers where there is dangerous machinery…

2) Loggers- Once again, the most common reason for death in this field of work is interaction with machinery or objects. Let’s use our imagination for a second:

Imagine you’re out in the forrest with a few buddies having a good old time using your chainsaws to cut through some trees. Now, let’s say one of your fellow workers is new to the job and isn’t exactly the sharpest tool in the shed. We’ll call him Steve. Steve starts chainsawing through a tree and doesn’t realize that gravity is going to make that beast of a tree fall to the ground at a staggering speed in your general direction. You look up and see a flash of brown and green as it comes to crush your body.

a huge tree that has been cut down

Most likely, 5 of his co-workers are under that log. Steve is left unharmed.

Another danger is that even experienced loggers can’t always see broken tree tops or branches. In fact, they have a term for broken tops that get hung in the canopy and fall without warning; they are called “widow-makers.” I’m sure that’s pretty self explanatory.

To add insult to injury, loggers make about 14 to 16 dollars an hour. That’s totally worth risking your life for. These guys should be millionaires or at least get health insurance. Not Steve, though.

1) Fishermen-This profession is the ultimate test of man versus nature. When I put the word fishermen, I’m not talking about Orlando Wilson or people who go out on bass boats to catch a few brim for a weekend meal. I’m referring to the people who go out on a fishing boat for days or weeks in order to make their living.

Unlike the other professions where the main concern is machinery, the biggest cause of injury and death for fishermen is the weather.

a boat getting hit by waves

Makes driving in the rain seem a whole lot better.

In 2010, 29 fishermen were reported to have died while working at sea. One statistic even said that for every 100,000 workers, 116 will die, making it the most dangerous job in America.

So the next time you sit down for a meal of fish, crab legs or shrimp, just remember that somewhere, two guys are on a boat risking their lives so you can enjoy a nice, family meal.

Forrest Gump and Lt. Dan

I’m assuming that these are the two fishermen you pictured in your head.

Can you think of any other dangerous jobs that go unnoticed? If so, share them with me in the comments section and tell me why you think they should have made the list.


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