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Music Video of the Week- The Tallest Man on Earth

This week’s video comes from The Tallest Man on Earth, which is a solo project from the singer/songwriter, Kristian Mattson who hails from Sweden.

The artist, Tallest Man on Earth performing.

The Tallest Man on Earth

From what I’ve read and researched, Mattson takes the craft of music very seriously and approaches it with simplicity. He records and produces all of his records from his home. Over his career, he has been compared to the likes of Bob Dylan through his unique vocal style and songwriting abilities.

This is a beautiful live video of him playing his song, “Love is All,” which comes off of his second studio album entitled, “The Wild Hunt.”

Some other great tunes from The Tallest Man on Earth include, “The Gardener,” “King of Spain,” “Where Do My Bluebird Fly,” and “The Dreamer.” If you’re a fan of acoustic guitar driven songs, I think you’ll really enjoy his work.

Do you know of any other artists that are similar to this one?


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