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4 Best Moments in The Avengers

Last weekend, I showed my true nerd colors and went to see The Avengers twice. The first experience was in 2D and the second was in 3D, only because the 2D version was packed. Both times, I truly and whole-heartedly loved this movie.

After absorbing all of the beauty that was The Avengers, I finally narrowed it down and have what I think are the 4 best moments:

(Warning: There are some spoilers ahead)

4. Every Scene with Scarlett Johansson– Call me crazy, but I think Scarlett is one of the most beautiful women in movies today. Ryan Reynolds is an idiot for letting her get away. She probably dumped him because she stars in amazing comic book movies and he doesn’t.

Green Lantern

And this wasn’t even the worst one he was in.

I also really enjoyed her character because there’s finally a woman superhero who is cool and admirable. Movies like Elektra and X-Men, in my opinion, never really gave us a strong female character.

3. When Bruce Banner Finally Became the Hulk- It’s no secret; I am not a fan of the previous Hulk movies. Even though the one with Edward Norton was way better than the original, I still didn’t care for either one of them. The Avengers, however, made a Hulk that I actually liked.

My biggest problem with the character is that he always looks so fake when he’s in scenes with other actors or when he interacts with objects.


Another green character that always looks fake.

Even though it still bothered me in Avengers, I got over it because this Hulk had personality. However, I still think if they got a bodybuilder and painted him green, it would look a lot better than a CGI version.

Another thing is that I wasn’t too thrilled when I heard Mark Ruffalo got the part as Bruce Banner. But as I mentioned in a previous blog about my favorite movie villains, I was disappointed when Heath Ledger got the role for Joker and look how that turned out.

Mark Ruffalo played the part well and is actually my favorite out of the three actors that have portrayed the character on the big screen. So, I apologize Mr. Ruffalo for doubting your acting abilities. It’s just that you were in 13 Going on 30 and I judged you. I’m sorry.

My favorite scene with the Hulk, due to the audience reaction, was when he slammed the villain, Loki, into the floor like a rag doll. Everyone in the theatre busted out into laughter and cheered. I expected Loki to put up a fight, but that scene showed just how badass and strong the Hulk actually is.

Lou Ferrigno as the Hulk

Lou will always be my favorite Hulk.

2. Tony Stark’s New Iron Man Armor- Robert Downey, Jr. was the best pick for Tony Stark. I can’t even think of another actor that would even come close to what Downey has done.

In the Avengers, I loved all of his humor and one-liners. His timing and delivery were spot on.

Even though I thoroughly enjoyed the scene where he overrode the sound system in the aircraft to play AC/DC while he zoomed in to put a stop to Loki, it wasn’t my favorite.

My favorite scene with Iron Man was when he was thrown out of Stark Tower and his new suit deployed, attached to his body and saved him at the last second. Even though everyone knew he would survive the fall, the tension of that scene was pretty amazing to me.

1. Thor Vs. Captain America Vs. Iron Man– I really enjoyed that the movie had a scene where the good guys had a physical brawl amongst themselves. To watch Thor and Iron Man duke it out in the middle of nowhere was a surreal experience. I felt this scene really showed the characters’ strengths and weaknesses.

The best part to me was when Thor slammed his hammer into Captain America’s shield and it leveled the entire forrest. This scene stuck out to me because it showed the dominance, power and leadership that Captain America possessed.

I also really liked the scenes where the group began arguing with one another and going at each other’s throats. It showed that their struggle was deep and that they had to overcome their dislike for one another in order to do something bigger and greater than themselves. Watching the evolution of their relationships was engaging. Just when you thought they hated each other the most, they had to work together for the greater good.

Bonus: The Dark Knight Rises Trailer-  Even though this technically wasn’t a part of the movie, I was still blown away by the new trailer. I cannot wait to see how the legend ends.

What were some of your favorite scenes from The Avengers? Tell me about them in the comments section!

The Avengers

Now we just have to wait 3 years for a sequel.


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One thought on “4 Best Moments in The Avengers

  1. Fury on said:

    4. Scarlett is absolutely stunning, and I agree, Black Widow is a really great female character. She’s hot, but it’s not all about sex appeal – she actually kicks ass. And she doesn’t need a man to help her do it or drive her to do it.

    3. I LOVE Mark Ruffalo in this film. One of my favorite parts is when he says, “One thing you don’t know about me – I’m always angry” (or however he words it). I wanted to start applauding, I swear to God.

    2. Tony Stark / RDJesus is always great.

    1. I loved this scene, too, and with Loki watching them, lol. I really like every character in this film. (Yes, Lanny, that means Chris Evans as Captain America. I’d say I’m sorry, but I’m really not.)

    Bonus: Shaking and crying just thinking about it.

    Besides these points, my favorite part overall is Loki, in both “Thor” and in this movie. He steals the show, in my opinion. And then there’s the crazy sexual tension between Thor and Loki. What is their couple name? Thoki? Lor? Whatever it is, I support it. I really do.

    I’m so glad you liked this movie! I was afraid you’d hate it and then judge me for liking it, as you always do :[

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