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Music Video of the Week- Kevin Devine

This week’s video comes from Kevin Devine who is a songwriter and musician from Brooklyn, New York. I first listened to Kevin Devine’s songs when I was sitting at work. I was searching on the site Eventful, and came across his name and thought I’d give it a chance. I’ve been a fan ever since.

Kevin Devine performing

If you’ve never heard any of his music, I recommend you listen to his songs, “Another Bag of Bones,” “Ballgame,” “The Longer that I’m Out Here,” and the video that I’m about to show you.

This guy is an amazing guitarist and an all around great musician. His last album came out in 2010 and was entitled, “Between the Concrete and Clouds.” I’m definitely looking forward to his next release.

Here’s his song called, “I Could Be with Anyone.” This video shows relationships and the complicated messes that they can turn into. I think some of it is pretty funny. It sort of pulls the curtain back on relationships and lets you see the dirty little secrets. I thought it was a cool concept, so check it out.

Photo via Kay B


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