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Dear Scrubs, I Miss You

The cast of Scrubs.

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Dear Scrubs,

It’s been almost two years now since you went off the air. With each passing day, I find that I am missing you more and more. My heart feels empty without you.

I believe that every person has a show that they can connect with emotionally. It becomes a part of their lives. And for me, you were that show, Scrubs.

Maybe I’m just bitter. Maybe it’s the way that you left me. Sure, you came back for a while with Scrubs: Med School, but it just wasn’t the same. There was nothing there to hold my attention. The story and characters that unraveled over 9 years just weren’t there anymore. There was no emotion. No excitement. Something changed. We grew apart. Maybe it was you, or maybe it was me.

What really, really upset me was the fact that you let J.D. end up with Elliot. She was freaking nuts, and J.D. was too good for her. But I’m trying not to focus on the negative. I’m trying to remember the good times.

At times, I find myself missing the chemistry between Turk and J.D. Their bromance was both beautiful and something I only thought existed in fairy tales. It pranced around like the unicorn on J.D.’s diary that protected his hopes and dreams. It was glorious.

Sure, I’ve tried to fill the hole in my heart with other bromances like Shawn and Gus from Psych, but I know that it will never be the same…

I’ll miss the wisdom that Dr. Cox always shared. From his arrogant attitude to the clever rants that always seem so well-rehearsed.

He was like the bad guy, but always came through in the end. He always saved the day. I miss his yelling, the way he would throw expensive medical equipment, and of course his complete and utter hatred for Hugh Jackman.

I miss Dr. Kelso’s one-liners that were always brilliant. I’ll also never forget his irrational love of muffins. Who has two thumbs and misses everything about Bob Kelso? This guy.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that you left me too soon, Scrubs. I wasn’t ready to let go. Now look at me! I’m stuck watching your re-runs on Comedy Central wishing that every moment was happening in the present. That’s no way to live.

And don’t give me the excuse that you can’t come back. Turk is on some show, wasting his talent on the TV Land audience. Elliot did a few Lifetime movies and has appeared on other shows. And J.D…what happened, man? Where are you? I love you.

In my head, I pretend that somehow…someday…you’ll come back…

I knew it couldn’t last forever, Scrubs, but I just hoped you would have stayed around longer. I just feel like…I can’t do this all on my own. No, I know…I’m no Superman.


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