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My Favorite Movie Villains

I’m going to start off by saying that I won’t be able to mention all of my favorite movie villains. I really wish I could, but I don’t have the time, patience, or wrist strength to type that long. So I’m just going to narrow it down to my top 3. If you think my list is ridiculous or you think yours is better, then please feel free to share in the comments section.

What makes a good villain? Someone who is purely evil and wants to do harm to the protagonist. Oh, and 9 out 10 times they are the coolest character in the movie. They are also memorable and make the audience scared, uneasy and panicked. Here are my favorite movie villains that are subject to change:

3. The shark from Jaws– First of all, if you say you weren’t scared the first time you saw Jaws, then I must call you a liar. This movie kept me away from water for a good while. In fact, I even stopped bathing.

a shark swimming
I was convinced this thing was swimming in my bath tub.

The main reason the shark was so scary was because during most of the movie, you never saw him. This gigantic beast could have been anywhere. You never knew when he was going to pop up and rip off someone’s limb!

The shark was a great villain because he showed no mercy. He didn’t care who was in his way, he was going to destroy anything and everything in his path.

Roy Schedier
Until he crossed paths with this guy. He gave the middle finger to that Great White.

2. Stormtroopers– You may be asking, “why not Darth Vader?” Darth Vader was cool and all, but I always loved the stormtroopers. Sure they were horrible shots, they were easily persuaded by Obi-Wan, and they hardly ever said anything, but you can’t tell me that they didn’t have the best uniforms in all of space!

a stormtrooper from Star Wars
If I owned a stormtrooper suit, I would wear it everyday.

These guys are the best henchmen in movie history. Sure they were pretty much useless and never killed anyone, but none of that matters to me. Every time I saw these guys on screen, I knew there was going to be trouble and a battle. What more could you ask for?

1. The Joker from The Dark Knight– I’ll admit that I wasn’t a huge fan when they announced that Heath Ledger got the part. In fact, I was pretty disappointed with that choice. The first thing I said was, “You mean the guy who does chick flicks and speaks in an accent? Who was their second choice, Channing Tatum?”

Channing Tatum
Channing Tatum should never be a choice for anything.

But then something happened. In a split second, my mind completely changed about Heath Ledger. I ate my words, and was ashamed of myself for ever doubting Christopher Nolan and Ledger. The thing that changed my mind was this picture.

heath ledger as the joker

I saw this picture on a t-shirt at the mall and had no clue what it was. Then after I did some research, I learned this was the face of the psycho clown we’ve all come to love.

The Joker is the epitome of evil. Finally someone took the chaos of this clown and turned it into a character that stole the show. I was cheering for The Joker by the end of the movie because he was just that amazing. Sure, Batman was great, but this guy was a portrait of what villains should strive to be. It was a remarkable role and I’m deeply sorry for ever doubting the vision of this movie.

So there you have it, my favorite movie villains. What are some of your favorite villains? Tell me about them in the comments section!


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5 thoughts on “My Favorite Movie Villains

  1. Iheartchanning on said:

    You have beef with Channing?!?!

  2. I’m always on the fence about including Darth Vader on these lists since he is the hero in the end of the story and kills the true villain aka The Emperor aka Darth Sidious aka Palpatine. If we’re talking best movie characters of all time, though, Darth Vader should definitely be around the top of the list.

    I feel the same about Michael Corleone. Like Vader, I don’t really see him as a villain but an extremely tragic character who does bad things (and pays for them later in life.) But also like Vader, he’s one of my favorite movie characters of all time.

    My list would definitely include Eve Harrington. And probably Dr. Hannibal Lecter, though some would consider him more of an antagonist and even an anti-hero than an actual villain (but he’s a cannibalistic serial killer, so… I say villain. A great villain, but a villain nonetheless.)

    I’m sure I’d add some horror movie villains, too, but they’re kind of expected, so.

  3. Sydnah on said:

    Personally, Megamind is my favorite.

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