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Company Makes Beer for Dogs

This might be one of the oddest news stories that I have ever read. A company has found a way to make a beer for dogs. If you think about it though, dogs don’t really need a beer in order to show alcoholic-like behavior. They already lay around, chase their own tails and they can’t hold down a job.

dog using a computer

Keep searching Craigslist for that dream job.

The beer is called, Bowser Beer and it’s made in Phoenix. Here’s the kicker: it has no hops, no carbonation, and no alcohol. So what’s in the bottle? It’s basically sweet malt barley and other ingredients that are safe for dogs.

So my question is, why is it necessary to make a beer for dogs? Well, a woman named Jenny Brown made pretzel snacks for dogs for a holiday party.

dogs at a party

I'm assuming this is what the party looked like.

Then she had an epiphany. An idea so grand and so genius, that she literally had a light bulb over head. She asked herself one…simple…question. “What goes well with pretzels?” And the only logical answer was….beer. Then she created a beef and malt flavored beverage and tested it on several dogs. And guess what? They freaking loved it! She later made a beer with chicken flavor and called it “Cock-a-Doodle Brew.” Brilliant.

Bowser Brew can now be found in 40 states. However, some customers were disappointed when they realized that there dog wouldn’t actually get intoxicated. Honestly, I’d be a little disappointed too if my dog didn’t get wasted from something called Bowser Beer.

However, it’s important to note, that this beer can act as a gateway drug. First it starts out all innocent, and next thing you know you’ve got a good-for-nothing dog who just sits around, watches TV, beats your cat and is addicted to the hard stuff.

two drunk dogs

This is what addiction looks like. Cute and cuddly.

You can find the full story here. Tell me your thoughts about this bizarre story in the comments section.


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2 thoughts on “Company Makes Beer for Dogs

  1. I am sure they would never sell this stuff here in the Bible belt. Someone needs to spearhead a Terrier Temperance movement.

  2. You’re right. Starts out innocent and the next thing you know those bad drunk dog keep mistaking the rug for outdoor grass. Be warned.

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