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2 Things I Wish I Had Learned More About in School

Once you start getting into the real world, you begin to experience things and realize that you don’t have a freaking clue what’s going on. Maybe that’s a bit dramatic, but it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you get done with college. I wish, during my 18 years of education, that I would have learned more about the real world and less about math and literature.

william shakespeare

If this guy wrote in American, maybe I'd be more inclined to read his work. Doubtful.

Here are 2 things I wish I had learned more about  in school:

1. Money/Taxes/ Big Purchases– I really wish that schools would make a real world class that was mandatory for all students. To be completely honest, I know nothing about taxes except from what I learned from the board game, Monopoly.

monopoly guy

Even he knows I'm screwed.

I just think it would be practical to learn about taxes, how to save money, and the ins and outs of making huge purchases such as a car or house. Teach me what to look for and how to know if  I’m getting a good deal or not. When I look around at the economy and I see so many people losing their belongings, it really makes me wonder if that could happen to me in the future. That’s a really scary thought.

Sure, I took a Banking and Finance class, but I didn’t really get much out of it. It was also an elective class, so it was an easy A and wasn’t required. I was hoping to learn how to balance a checkbook, fill out my tax forms, or learn about credit. Instead, all we did was read a book and never applied it to the real world. So now when people talk about 401K’s or income tax, I have no idea what’s really being talked about. But as an adult, I just pretend and nod like I have a clue and then Google all the terms I didn’t understand.

wikipedia logo

One of the best "teachers" you will ever have.

2. Politics and Government– I took a few history classes in my day, but I still don’t know a lot about our government and how it works. For instance, I don’t recall anyone ever explaining to me the differences between Republicans and Democrats. In fact, the only time I learned about the differences was when I was at family gatherings and I would listen to arguments. But I really didn’t understand most of it, and I left feeling confused and scratching my head.


Just like this.

There should be a class that explains politics and government in a way young people can understand.We should learn about what each side is all about. Instead of memorizing the presidents, I wish we had focused more on current issues, that way when I was old enough to vote, I’d sort of have a clue what was going on. Terms like foreign policy,  national debt, The United Nations, and the Federal Reserve were things I learned about on my own.

I think it’s important to learn about historical events, but I would have also like to have been informed about events that are going on in the present. Young people need to learn about the voting process, what each presidential candidate stands for, and how the whole political system works. Instead of teaching  for the billionth time who the Pilgrims were, mix it up and talk about how our country ended up in a recession. That way the future generation can avoid the same mistakes.

Who knows? Maybe this information was covered in depth during school, but I just didn’t pay attention. That is very likely.

girl with twins

I'm just glad I payed attention in Sex-Ed. Yikes.

What are some other life lessons that you wish you had learned more about in school? Tell me about them in the comments section!


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5 thoughts on “2 Things I Wish I Had Learned More About in School

  1. Great post. Those really are two things we should have learned something about. I didn’t learn a thing about politics in HS and due to my fear of the government I don’t spend my money. I am the monster the school system has created.

    The most valuable thing I took away from high school was knowing more about myself I guess, but that’s never-ending. They could have prepared me a little bit more for a life of monotony and what to expect in the tedious American Workforce.

    I sound like such a Communist.

  2. I wish I had learned how important it is to live on less than you make and pay cash for everything. I’ve learned that lesson now, though. Debt is a terrible thing.

  3. Anonymous because of my last sentence on said:

    1. You could have taken the Personal Finance class like me. I guess you didn’t think of that, did you? Smh at you.

    2. I actually agree with you about this one. Huh.

    I wish I had learned about journalism, public relations, advertising and marketing, graphic design, photography and video, etc. But I was an EC Communication major, so I learned nothing about these things.

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