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3 Things I Would Change in the Workplace

It’s very rare to hear someone talk about how much they love their job. In fact, it’s so rare that it almost frightens me. Why do so many people work jobs that they don’t like? I know we all need money to survive and people have families to provide for. Excuses, excuses. Just kidding.

Then I started thinking what things could be done in order to make everyone’s work day a little brighter without them having to quit their job?

man taking nap at desk

Yes, nap time was the first thing I thought of.

So in my attempt to revolutionize the working world, I came up with 3 things that I would change in the workplace.

1. Shorter hours– This just seems like a no-brainer. Who came up with the conclusion that we should work 8 hours a day, have 8 hours of free time and have 8 hours of sleep? First of all, that is complete bullcrap! If you have an hour commute, guess what? That either takes a way an hour from your free time, or from your sleep time. My feelings on this subject are that people should only work 5-6 hours a day. Why you ask?

It’s not because I’m lazy. I think the best thing about shorter hours is that it gives people more time to live life. You know life. That thing that is slowly slipping by while you are sitting at your desk. I don’t think we were made to work the majority of our life away inside a cubicle with a computer.

people in cubicles

Pictured: The real reason man was put on Earth.

Not only will shorter hours allow you to live life, but you will also get to spend more time with your family and friends doing things that you enjoy.

Also, the whole evolution of work hours has changed drastically. It used to be 9-5, and now it has turned into 8-6, or 7-6. Why do we do this to ourselves? It can’t be healthy. Working too many long hour days can cause addictions to coffee and fast food. It can also lead to sleep deprivation and a little thing called “early death syndrome.” Sitting around for the better part of the day also makes us too tired to exercise when we have the free time. I propose we make work days 5-6 hours, and allow people to live!

Side Note: Every one always looks forward to Friday. I think if we made working hours shorter, people wouldn’t be living for just one day out of the whole week.

2. More work from home days– Commuting is a french word for “aneurysm.”

old man using computer

Don't look it up old man, just take my word for it!

I think we can all agree that driving to work sucks. I only have to drive 20 minutes to get to work and it’s the longest 20 minutes of the day. I have no clue how people drive over an hour to work.

Just think, if more companies had work from home days, I think a lot more would get accomplished. You can roll out of bed, do some work, take a break, eat, and do whatever. Of course, I’m assuming that if you’re reading this, then you are a responsible worker who is capable of getting their work done without a boss looking over your shoulder. Because that’s usually the type of person that is attracted to this blog.

Work from home days can help save gas, money, and allows you to be there for your family while getting work done. It also allows people, who can’t afford to commute that far, an opportunity to get a better job than what they could find close to their home. It would also allow me the pleasure of getting work done in my pajamas.

guy wearing a onesie

Oh yeah ladies, I rock a onesie!

3. Longer lunch breaks– I get an hour lunch break so I can’t complain. But some people I know only get 15-30 minutes for a lunch break. Are you kidding me? What can you eat in 15 minutes?

Short lunch breaks also promote bad health and bad eating habits. If you have a short break and you didn’t prepare a lunch, you’re going to be filling up on junk food. Junk food will in turn, make the rest of the day seem horrible because you aren’t properly nourished. Lack of nourishment causes poor performance and the next thing you know, you’re fired!

Donald Trump

Donald Trump gets a quarter every time someone says, "You're fired!" So I now owe him 50 cents.

Think about it though. If you allow your workers to have longer lunch breaks, they can eat healthier, eat slower, digest and get back and most likely do a better job for your company.

So there you have it, shorter hours, more work from home days and longer lunch breaks are great ways to make the work place a better place. Now let’s all hold hands and just get along.

What are some other improvements you’d like to see in the workplace? Tell me about them in a comment!


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5 thoughts on “3 Things I Would Change in the Workplace

  1. Greyson on said:

    About #1 – What if you’re paid by the hour?

  2. 70 second minute run on said:

    What if you spend more time in the car (1 hr and 20 mins ONE way) than free time at home to spend with your newly married wife, or at lunch to spend with your cool friends? When should your wife/ friends start hiding sharp objects?

    • Haha, well you would probably benefit from work from home days. Then you wouldn’t be driving to work everyday and using your paycheck to pay for gas. And if your work day was only 6 hours, you’d get more time with your lady. And just so you know, it was more like 75 second minute run…just kidding!

      • 70 second minute run on said:

        Well, your welcome. For what you may ask?? Me providing you entertainment and that wicked awesome dream of the poor lad who could not quite make it out of the mall of georgia in under a minute lol

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