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Mythical Creatures are Making News

I was looking through the news today and I noticed a reoccurring topic. There are a few mythical creatures making the news. Some of the articles I read were pretty odd, but also really fascinating. Here are a few I came across:

1.  The Abominable Snowman– Scientists are saying that they have found evidence of an abominable snowman in Russia. They are 95% sure that the footprints, den, and markers used to show territory are that of a Bigfoot-like creature. 95% sure huh? That just shows a lack of confidence in yourself. I think scientists that go after things like the Lock Ness Monster and Bigfoot can’t come out and say that they are 100% sure. More than likely they would be 100% fired and lose 100% credibility and their spouse would take 50% of their belongings if it turned out to be a bear or something.

a bear

"My hypothesis was correct! Bigfoot looks and acts just like a regular bear! No one will believe this!"

They have also found “Yeti hair” that will be tested to find out its origin. Let me also point out the legend of the Yeti is used in this area of Siberia in order to attract tourism. Chances are, there is no snowman, but keep the dream alive! If you want to read more about it, here is the link to the article.

2. The Kraken– If you are unfamiliar with what the Kraken is, it’s basically a mythical, underwater creature that is known for sinking pirates ships, just like Disney is known for sinking Pirates of the Caribbean.

Jack Sparrow

It wasn't your fault, Mr. Depp.

Paleontologist, Mark McMenamin, believes that the 45-foot-long skeletons of the Ichthyosaur that have been found, were actually prey for the Kraken. There really isn’t a great deal of evidence to back up his claims, since the cause of death of the Ichthyosaurs has yet to be determined. So even though this story may be complete crap, it still seems pretty cool. Read more about it and decide for yourself.

Do you know of anymore mythical creatures that have made the news lately? Or do you have a favorite mythical creature? If so, tell me about them in the comments section!


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2 thoughts on “Mythical Creatures are Making News

  1. mkultra76 on said:

    I’m partial to the Chupacabra. Only because it’s fun to say Chupacabra.

  2. Ligers are cool. And I think that “The Kraken” = actual giant squids that have been found and are able to take down ships. Makes sense to me.

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