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PETA’s New Controversial Billboard Ad

PETA has launched a new billboard ad in order to make people think and possibly adopt the vegan diet. However, in my opinion, I feel the ad may have not worked out the way they had hoped it would. Here’s the billboard.

Peta ad

Mmmm...humans are tasty!

Ashley Byrne, the Campaign Manager for PETA, thought that with the recent shark attacks in the news, that this billboard would make people think. She also said that people think sharks are the deadliest predators, when in reality, humans are the deadliest predators.

So my initial reaction to this was confusion. Why does PETA want us to stop eating humans? They are quite tasty.

zombies walking

I asked these guys and they agreed. And then ate my dog.

But then I looked for a deeper meaning and they are trying to say that we should treat animals the same we want to be treated. When we eat meat, it’s the same as when a shark eats a human….right? We are all just trying to get some food.

However, I will not go on a vegan diet until the sharks and other deadly creatures decide to do the same. Why should I sacrifice the sweet taste of meat and let all the other predators enjoy it? So PETA, once you guys can strike a bargain with sharks to stop eating people, I’ll stop eating sharks. Wait…I don’t think I’ve ever eaten a shark. So really the sharks are the bad guy here!

I do understand the vegan lifestyle. It’s admirable and if it’s something you want to do then by all means go for it! But don’t force people to go vegan with tasteless ads that are offensive to…I don’t know…the victims of recent shark attacks that took 800 stitches to sew up their bodies so they could live and one day be able to walk after being viciously attacked by a shark with razor teeth!

And to be honest, this ad doesn’t make me feel bad for animals, it just makes me want to kill and eat that shark!

a shark swimming

"Come down here and see what happens if you try and kill me! I'll be waiting boy!"

What do you think about this ad and the message it sends? I’d love to hear your opinion in the comments section!


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