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3 Shows that Got Cancelled on Comedy Central that I Miss

3. Reno 911– I wasn’t a huge fan of this show, but it was definitely entertaining to watch when there was nothing else on. However, there was one hilarious reason that I loved this show!

Terry from Reno 911.

Hey boys! Pew!

Nick Swardson’s character, Terry, was absolutely ridiculous! I loved every minute that he was on screen. Here is one of his best performances. (That’s appropriate for all ages of course.)

Even though this wasn’t one of my favorite shows, it had it’s moment where it was really funny. Too bad it got cancelled. Now I’m stuck with re-runs that I’ve seen a million times. But Dangle’s short shorts never get old!

Jim Dangle

Not short enough if you ask me...


2. That’s My Bush!– I’m interested to know how many people actually remember this show. For those of you who never watched it, it was a satire about former President, George W. Good ole George got made fun of a lot during his presidency, but this show did it perfectly! It was created by the comedic masterminds, Trey Parker and Matt Stone. They are famous for a little show, you probably never heard of called South Park.

Baseketball poster.

Also known for this wonderful gem of comedy.

Unfortunately, the guys thought the show wouldn’t be well received after September 11th, which was probably smart thinking. I just have fond memories of watching this show with my family and we thought it was hilarious. Here is a little taste:


1. Important Things with Demetri Martin– I’m a huge fan of Demetri Martin and his intellectual humor. I mean, this guy quit college with only one year of law school left to be a comedian. That’s unbelievable to me!

Demetri Martin

Yeah, you could totally have this guy defending you in a court of law.

However, his show was pretty much horrible. I love his stand-up, but he was stretched way too thinby having to come up with new material every week. He’s the type of comedian who needs time to come up with clever material, and I love him for that. I do miss this show, because I was happy to see a comedian that I followed so closely finally starting to get attention. Every now and then he would pull something out of his sleeve that was comedy gold. He’s still a great comedian and I hope he does another special soon!

What other shows did you use to love before they got cancelled? Tell me about them in the comments section!


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One thought on “3 Shows that Got Cancelled on Comedy Central that I Miss

  1. ❤ Demetri and Reno 911! I've never seen the other one, though

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