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Abercrombie Vs. Jersey Shore

Abercrombie and Fitch is offering money to Mike “The Situation” and other cast members if they stop wearing Abercrombie clothing. The company is concerned that the Jersey Shore cast members, specifically “The Situation,” will cause “significant damage to their image.”

Wait a minute. Isn’t Abercrombie known for using half naked models to sell their clothing? If you walk into any of there stores, all you see are half naked people on the posters. They also hire models to stand at the entrances shirtless. So what gives Abercrombie? Did you all of a sudden develop morals? Is it possible that “The Situation” is such a horrible role model that even Abercrombie won’t have anything to do with him?

I thought it was funny when Abercrombie stated that, “We have an image to protect.”

This is the cleanest “image” I could find.

So if Abercrombie uses preppy half naked guys to sell clothes, why wouldn’t they be cool with the Jersey Shore kids? I mean they fit the model perfectly. All you have to do is tape their mouths shut and not give them alcohol.

Check out the full article here.


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