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Vampire Attack in Texas

This guy named Lyle Monroe Bensley broke into a woman’s house in Texas. The only item of clothing he was wearing was his boxer shorts. Once he entered the woman’s bedroom he began to make hissing and growling noises…yeah let that sink in for a second. He then attacked the woman by biting and hitting her. Long story short, she escaped, called the police and the police later arrested the guy. Here’s where it gets crazy.

The guy told the police that he was a vampire…

Even real vampires are in disbelief.


And then he went on to say that he needed to feed. The police found him in a parking lot outside of the woman’s apartment and caught him after a “brief pursuit.” I’m sorry but if you were a real vampire, why didn’t you just turn into a bat and fly away?

It’s times like this that I worry about the human race. Check out the story for yourself and tell me your reaction to it.


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