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The Great Word Wars

Your words are so blunt they should have bullets and triggers,

Use them with threats to make you feel bigger.

Attach a bayonet so your attack’s subtle.

Breaking through skin and stirring up trouble.

If we are attacking with words, then it’s Word War I.

Grab your wit and your tongue, your blade and your gun.

Meet me in the field just a quarter past two,

Let’s see how much damage our words really do.

We retreat and hide, take safety in bunkers.

Using words unclean, bringing shame to our mothers.

Throwing grenades of wit, we become savage,

Anyone else that gets hurt is collateral damage.

Now I’m storming the beach of your self-esteem,

Tearing you down with your fragile regime.

My victor’s flag is on the top of your hill,

To celebrate my metaphoric, and symbolic kill.

Now that I’ve overthrown you, with my wit and words,

I wait for another war to occur.

And when the enemy strikes with words that you’d use,

We will take heart and engage in Word War II.


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One thought on “The Great Word Wars

  1. Lanny, it is so very true. This is a very realistic approach of our careless and destructive use of words. Its as though no one likes to think. Rather, we simply speak.

    It’s a dangerous weapon; one that is so powerful it kills people everyday.

    I love your descriptive language and symbolism. Very Well written, sir.

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