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Why the Green Lantern is Horrible (Without Even Seeing It)

I think it’s funny that the movie is called the Green Lantern. I’m pretty sure that’s all the producers of this film were thinking about. Green.

The “Green” Lantern.


The first big problem that I have with this movie is the fact that the entire suit was CGI. Why would that be a good idea? Who raised their hand during the meeting and said, “Hey guys, I think it would be really cool to make this movie look as fake as possible without any effort.”  It seems like a pretty good suggestion.

Also, I have a problem with Ryan Reynolds. Now don’t get me wrong, he has done some stuff I have enjoyed. But I just hated his character in the trailer. He was way too cocky and his dialogue was way too stupid. But I shouldn’t be complaining. I’m sure they could have cast someone a lot worse.

A lot worse.


But in Ben Affleck’s defense, he never got a second chance to make a comic book movie that was good. Ryan Reynolds has had multiple attempts. He’s been in Blade Trinity, X-Men Origins, and now the Green Lantern. In my opinion he is 0 for 3. Come on Hollywood, you gave Nicolas Cage a second chance after Ghostrider with Kick-Ass. When will Ben get a second chance? That’s a horrible idea. What am I talking about?

But hey, I’m sure the Green Lantern is going to make a ton of money. The ladies love Ryan Reynolds. I just can’t understand why they would make the movie so poorly. The costume looks ridiculous, the acting seems pretty lame, and I just don’t understand why DC would do such a thing. Come one DC, with movies like The Dark Knight, you have to step up your game. Why not just hire Christopher Nolan to direct and write all of your movies? Clearly he knows what he is doing.

Anyways, I haven’t seen the movie, but I’m sure it will be in the bargain bin in a few months. Maybe I’ll check it out then. I’m just really bummed out because I was expecting a great movie with the Green Lantern character. Maybe they will do a sequel or a reboot. It seems to happen a lot these days. Maybe they can get Peter Jackson to direct and use another CGI person to wear the ring.

Poor guy finally gets a break.

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One thought on “Why the Green Lantern is Horrible (Without Even Seeing It)

  1. Lauren on said:

    haha! I saw it the first night it came out. I hadn’t seen previews so didn’t know what to expect. I thought it was alright (Kinda slow and not enough action,), but I don’t think you will like it too much in comparison to Dark Knight. Ryan Reynelds is a guy who I am used to seeing in Chick flics so that I didn’t help me much. Wonder what you will think about it after seeing it….hmmm…,,,

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