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Top 4 Documentaries I Recommend

I was sitting around yesterday trying to think about the next topic I would do for this blog. Then out of nowhere, I realized I’ve always wanted to shove my favorite documentaries down people’s throat and act superior when people say they haven’t seen them. Boom.

I’m not really like that though. I would hate to shove my movie taste down anyone’s throat. Mostly because I think my taste in movies wouldn’t be good for people to eat. It would probably taste gross since the movies I like really aren’t that great. But you know what, it’s my blog and my opinion, so deal with it! Hey that was our first fight. I feel closer to you now.

Anywho, these are in no particular order.

4. The Corporation- in this documentary you really learn just how corrupt and messed up some corporations are. It’s really scary to see just how much power and control they really have. The most disgusting thing that I learned had to do with the food industry. The narrator talked about how we inject cows with hormones in order to make them produce milk. Well this hormone causes infections in the utters and we end up drinking puss in our milk. Gross right? This is the one time I was thankful that I’m lactose intolerant. It’s definitely worth checking out though. You’ll be shocked at a lot of the information presented.

3. Zeitgeist- the main reason I like this documentary is because it is free on youtube. Free makes me happy. I also like it because it gives interesting perspectives on religion, 9/11, and the future. Now I’m not too big into conspiracies, but I love learning about them. It’s amazing how many different stories are out there, and some of them make a lot of sense. But if you want to be challenged and to really think about some stuff you believe, I would highly recommend you check it out. Be sure to take all the information with a grain of salt though.

2. Jesus Camp- this one is also available on Youtube. It’s pretty scary to watch. Basically it’s about children going to camp in what I believe is North Dakota? I might be wrong about that. Anyways, the things they teach these kids are crazy. They are wanting to turn these kids into radical Christians that are preparing for a war. It was pretty intense but it’s a good watch.

1. Bigger, Faster, Stronger- I think this one might be on Youtube or somewhere else on the internet. This documentary is about steroids and how they aren’t really as big a deal as the media makes them out to be. It offers shocking statistics that only 3 people a year die from steroids, while tobacco and alcohol kill thousands. It’s a really good watch if you are into fitness. Steroids are still dangerous and seem stupid to me, but I’m glad I took the time to sit and be educated more about the drug. It’s sad to see how our body images have changed over the years. We all want a perfect body and if that means hurting our health to get there, then so be it. It’s a messed up mentality. This documentary also talks about the supplement industry and how most supplements are a joke. I really enjoyed this film. However, if you’re unaware that childhood heroes such as Hulk Hogan, Arnold, Selvester Stallone, Mark McGwire, and Barry Bonds abused steroids, then you might want to continue to live in ignorance.

I know I do.


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One thought on “Top 4 Documentaries I Recommend

  1. Lauren on said:

    hey, can you send me those documentary links to facebook or email or something? I love stuff like that too. That’s what I do sometimes late at night when I can’t sleep. Or I watch the history channel. I’m glad you are doing a blog! You are good at it!

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